Do you have multi-resident buildings with failing subfloors?  Or perhaps you’re building or investing in a new property, and want to take measures against future maintenance costs?

Most multi-resident housing units have floors that are constructed with lightweight gypsum based concrete poured over plywood.  As time passes, this substrate typically will crack and break causing an undesirable surface for finished flooring and demolition is often required.

By using Schonox AP or Schonox APF we can help you eliminate the need to destruct what is already there and instead pour a layer of our Synthetic Gypsum Self Leveler over the top — giving you a smooth, high strength substrate capable of receiving any type of new flooring.

We have solutions for any subfloor conditions and can save you time and money by providing you solutions to go over your existing cracked gypsum  subfloors.


We have a full staff of experts with years of experience to help you through every step of the way.

• All of our employees have been hand-selected for experience, skills in their trade and courtesy.
• We will meet any special requests.
• We will walk through the process with you step-by-step, from the initial meeting to making final recommendations to provide you the best subfloor solution.

You will benefit from…

  • Products that cover all facets of subfloor repairs
  • Reduce demolition and removal of existing Gypsum, saving time & money
  • Shorten remodeling time
  • Improve quality of floor installations by providing smoother subfloors
  • 120 years of  manufacturing experiences

Some of our previous installations have included:

  • Repairing cracked gypsum
  • Eliminate costly demolition with products that can go over all  types of cracked subfloors
  • Repairing unstable subfloors by providing products that can  flex and not crack or shrink
  • Providing products that can to go over existing floor coverings  and adhesives including VAT.

If your current floor is cracked gypsum or gypcrete, deteriorated gypsum, uneven or out of level subfloors or if you have high moisture in your concrete, provide you subfloor solutions, self levelers, patching compounds and products that will not crack due to subfloors that are not sound or flex.

Our commercial flooring offerings include sound or acoustic floor products, lvt, commercial vinyl, rubber flooring, sport flooring, multi-purpose flooring, weight room flooring, and flooring for all apartments, dormitories or condominium projects including main entrances, corridors, kitchens and bathrooms,. We can supply all your subfloor and finished flooring needs at a cost to suit your budget.

Our subfloor products provides many eco friendly benefits, is very cost effective by making each installation easy and quick to shorten downtime so your finish floor installations can be completed. We value our reputation for clarity and honesty in business practices. We are known for providing excellent service, knowledge and follow up.

We can provide subfloor solutions for new construction or for any type of renovations or restorations projects.. Whatever fits your budget; we are here to assist you with all of your subflooring needs. With over 35 years of experience in construction, we have the ability and experience to offer you practical, subfloor solutions at a very affordable price.

Not sure if your floors can be repaired? It is our job to be able to professionally assess your flooring issues. We have helped owners save significant costs by repairing the existing floors instead of dealing with demolition and starting over?  Talk to us about how we can get you started.

We think you’ll be more than happy with the results, call us at 800-300-2835 today for our consultation of your subfloor or finish flooring needs.  We will find the right solution for you!