Healthcare facilities often have areas that have been repurposed throughout the life of the building giving the substrate a wide variety of issues.

Schönox AP has the ability to be poured over most
surfaces with little preparation work required prior to leveling. In addition to high strength, 5400 PSI, Schönox AP has dust reduced technology making it a perfect solution to a sensitive area.

Choosing the right subfloor preparation is critical to the overall finished flooring.  Whether you have concrete, wood flooring,   existing flooring, or any combination of each KRS Flooring Solutions and Schönox has the solutions for you.

Our customers know that they can count on us when they want solutions for quick renovation work or to reduce costs for new construction whether their project is large or small we have the right products for all their needs.

  • Schonox AP design reduces floor prep and can go over all existing floor conditions, adhesives and most floor finishes.
  • For Surgical Suites or ER Renovations our ZM Rapid, a quick set floor leveler will allow finish floor installation within 1-1\2 hours.
  • Moisture Resistant  patching compounds and levelers do not break down if higher moisture levels are present in concrete, reducing the possibility of failures caused by defective patching materials.
  • EPA Moisture Barrier System rated for 100% RH levels that does not require shot blasting of concrete surfaces to reduce demolition costs and dust.

If your current subfloor is cracked, irregular and not level, has high moisture levels or if you have existing adhesives or floor finishes that you want to cover to reduce removal costs we have the low cost solutions for you.

Our commercial flooring offerings include lvt, commercial vinyl, rubber flooring, multi-purpose flooring, safety flooring, and flooring for all healthcare applications including patient rooms, surgical suites, nursing homes and assisted living.

We have a full line of quality commercial floor products that will be at a cost to suit your budget.  Our subfloor products provide the best solutions for quick, cost effectiveness floor preparation.

We value our reputation for clarity and honesty in business practices. We are known for providing excellent service and the best quality of subfloor solutions for any application.

We can provide subfloor solutions for new construction or for any type of renovations or restorations projects. Whatever fits your budget; we are here to assist you with all of your subfloor needs.

With over 35 years of construction experience in subfloor preparation and resilient floor coverings we have the ability to offer you practical, durable, and elegant flooring solutions at a very affordable price.

Contact us today for our consultation of your subfloor or finish flooring needs.  Call 800-300-2835 and we will find the right solution for you!